Friday, May 02, 2003

These two quotes are from one of my new favorite authors, C. Elise. The first one makes me want to cry, it's so true:

//It would be tempting to believe that the great changes in my life are past. But I know that I rest in the eye of the whirlwind. If I could go back now and talk to my young self, I would tell her what I try to tell these children when I teach them history. That change will come, and you must welcome it. If you cling to the ground, you will only be uprooted. Better to raise your arms and cry out to the wind with a full voice and let it take you. When it lets you go, declare the place you land to be your destination, and no one can prove you were not flying.

And here's the second:

//Perhaps love always longs for something more than flesh can give it. Perhaps love is always astonished, as
well, at how much it can have.

I'm very happy right now, for no other reason than it's raining and I'm muzzy off a beer. I feel strangely in control of myself tonight. And greatful for all of the oddities of life.

I will teach well tomorrow, I think.

And then I will keep reveling in what it _is_ to be in a body. After years of hashing it all out, some of the shit seems to be clearing from my head. It's a marvelous feeling.

P.S. Note to me - this will not be used for bitching any more unless absolutely necessary. Time to move up and out.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Argh...screw that....

C - if you're reading: STOP. I shouldn't have told you about it in the first place.

a) all of this is in the past
b) nothing of my plans are settled
c) you're still reading - STOP

I just want to watch a movie tonight and be sweet.
Okay, for some foolish reason I gave C this address.

C - please take the below with a grain of salt. It was written in certain moments which have passed. I am melodramatic at times. Also anal.

And I can't believe I'm letting you see this...