Thursday, May 22, 2003

Icky sore throat. I left my coughdrops at Chris' house last night and now I'm waiting for him to wake up so I can get them. Well, and we're supposed to have a "picnic" (suitably in quotes since it's nasty rainy out) and see the Matrix as well. I couldn't sleep too late today with my throat hurting, so I just gave up and got up. And now I'm doped up on sudafed and tylenol and I'm twiddling my thumbs.

I should be packing for the trip home this weekend, but why would I want to do that? Plan ahead? Pshaw!

So, drama decided to rear it's ugly head yesterday. My friend Christopher decided we need to have "a talk." Supposedly, I've been very mean to him in the past few weeks. Let us just ignore the fact of how inconsiderate he's been to me in the past two _years_, eh? I managed not to laugh out loud on the phone and we had a decent conversation, though he did piss me off more than once and he did make me cry. Bastard. It's not very hard to do these days, I admit. But still. I guess that drama's handled and now we're going to "work on being friends again". Whoopty-woo.

And my friend Mary's having a terrible time with romance. Poor thing. Had a long talk with her yesterday.

And then Chris and I went out for sushi and up popped, just like a fucking miracle, my ex Heather. Looking far too cute. Exes should never look so cute, yet they always manage to. I guess we're going to hang out next week. It was nice to see her and she's sweet, even though she did completely blow me off last fall. I don't really have a problem finding cute girls, they all just turn out lame. Alicia's new thesis: the attractive women I have loved, and all their lame shit. The men, I'm afraid, would be more of an encyclopedic series. Well, no, that's not true, I only have 2 real exes for men. I have a handful of hook-ups, but there's no emotional shit with that.

Speaking of those male exes - one of them is great. I love B to death. Brandon for those of you who don't go on initial letters. We get along a bazillion times better now than we ever did when we were together.

And Richard and I at least have psychic radar to keep ourselves from running into each other. It's the best case scenario for us, I think. I don't want to have to live through the drama that would probably ensue if we saw each other.

Okay, this got off track... all I was going to talk about was the weird drama that cropped up yesterday and the good day I had outside of that drama. But, no, I had to whine. It's the medicine, I swear it is.

Oooo, better note! Chris gave me watermellon. It was the last part of my birthday present. Hot damn, how sweet is that? Little gestures like that just mean the most, I swear they do. It's still in his fridge, but I'm going to encorporate it into the picnic today. When he gets up. Poor, poor insomnia-lad.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Ah, the joy of doing absolutely fucking nothing.

It's my first true day of vacation and I've been sufficiently indolent. I'll do some actual work tomorrow, but I'm enjoying the brainlessness of today.

Now, I have leftovers to eat. And maybe I'll run back to Target and spend more of my giftcard. What joy!